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Subrogation Law Firm

Since 1995, Attorney James Buchanan, now through his new firm, Buchanan and Associates, has established a highly successful record of prosecuting residential and commercial property subrogation claims, including catastrophic fire, freezing and water damage losses, as well as matters involving construction defects, environmental hazards, utility services, and transportation losses.

The cornerstones to any successful subrogation claim include proper selection and deployment of experts, prompt notification to all parties of interest, preservation of the scene and all relevant evidence, and the coordination and management of multi-party scene and evidence examinations.  This is true no matter how large or small the value of the damage is.  We promptly notify all potential responsible parties, deploy and manage all necessary experts, and we take the necessary steps to make sure that all relevant evidence is secured and preserved.   This proven, early intervention approach prevents numerous pitfalls, such as the ever-evolving doctrine of spoliation of evidence, from ruining what might have otherwise been a perfectly good and viable subrogation claim.

We also recognize that most of the well-known national subrogation firms refuse to handle smaller losses, preferring only to cherry-pick the larger more profitable claims.  Buchanan and Associates does not share this philosophy.  We do not accept or reject an assignment based on value.  We also recognize that during the course of a subrogation investigation the focus may change, from subrogation, to possible third party claims, and we make sure that our clients are fully apprised of their Insured's related exposure before we conclude our involvement.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to respond to assignments in all 6 of New England's states at a moment's notice, and will handle any assignment, large or small, on a contingency fee basis.  As a result, our handling of subrogation claims is by far the most comprehensive and cost effective approach available.

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